Policies And Messages
Alhamdulillah I am honored to be entering a sixth year as the Preschool headmistress. It is my goal as the H.M of the preschool, to provide you and your child a high quality learning environment with positives outcomes which will encourage future ready learners. We want children to acquire a lifelong love for learning while attending Scholars English Preschool. Our preschool provides each child with a high quality early childhood researched curricular designed by the educational philosopher Maria Montessori and based on the fundamental guide line play and learn. We are confident that with our expertise passion pastoral care and a wealth of lively and stimulating experiences for our children we strive to create an environment that fosters learning builds confidence self-esteem social skills, essential language literacy and numeracy skills and supports childrens overall individual needs. Extensive staff and parents are viewed as partners and collaborators who are engaged with the school in enrichment and skill development programme to enhancing children understanding. So that they are in tandem with the dynamics of the evolving curriculum and pedagogy. I wish to share famous quote [our greatest natural resources are the minds and imagination of our children]. We at Scholars preschool provide appropriate environment and resources to facilitate the childs mind to develop and to explore and to freely express and enhance imagination and creativity. Please keep an eye on this website as it is regularly updated-Happy browsing. Sincerely
Name: Waseem unnissa
A short message from H.M
Asalamu aliakum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatahu
Wish you all a warm welcome from scholars group of schools for this session 2016-17. May all your dreams and hopes to see your child emerging as an achiever in the field of academics. Education is the most powerful instrument of change and has to be meaningful for meeting the challenges of present and future generation. Dear Parents, students and school authority are a team and complement each other efforts. Discipline is an integral aspect of growth as it helps to develop self control. So you all and we at school must aim to build bridges of friendship and trust, bridges of honesty and respect so together we can build a future for our children. So let us take a pledge to build a bridge of hope. Bridges that are spanned by rainbows of a bright tomorrow. May Allah S.W.T Bless us to achieve our goal and bless us all. AMEEN H.M
Mission And Vision


The institution endeavors to promote learning attitude, cultivate creativity as well as artistic awareness and develop nose for learning.


We see ourselves as a desired Education Provider in the region.We see our students as responsible and sovereign citizens of Global India